In the showcase next to the counter, the customers can find a wide range of meet, fish and vegetables choices, but also of other products. Good fish is never missing, as well as the vegetables from the S. Erasmo kitchen garden

Spaghetti with shellfish creature

(lobster, shrimp, scallops and the like)- for one serving you need:
300 gr. among mussels, clams, and shrimps

Basically we get: fresh tomatoes cut to stock cubes, garlic, olive oil, parsley.
I put all the above ingredients in a frying-pan, sprinkling the contents with white wine. As soon as the mussels and the clamps will be open, I add the Pasta al dente (*), and there you are.
Them I let them cook all together for 2 or 3 minutes, mixing the ingredients and moving the pan. The dish is now ready and shall be served hot.
(*) cooked to the right hardness point.