Codfish beaten to cream.

We need a Codfish that has been soaken for 15 days at least.

I free it from all fishbones, keeping its skin. I let it cook in boiling water together with its skin, as this grants a fattier liquid. I strain it after it is cooked. I let it rest for some hours, as it is better to prepare it when once got dry.
I take one tray for the preparation, I put in a spoon of oil, one anchovy, a garlic clove, I add the dry cooked codfish and I start to beat it, as if I were preparing the mayonnaise, adding now and then some more oil, preferably   seeds oil, as it is neutral.
The creaming process lasts about half an hour, always beating the amalgam. Then it will be “mantecato”, creamy. At Mascaron we serve it with slices of toasted polenta. (cornmeal porridge)